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Ana Walczak Biography, Facts

Ana Walczak is an American actress who is known for her appearance in 'Hot Ghost' which is a short film released in 2015  Image Credit - anawalczakxo / Instagram  Ana was born on the 21st October, 1993 in New Jersey, USA Her zodiac sign is capricorn She guest starred as Laura Hale in Teen Wolf in an episode titled 'Visionary' in 2013 She had appeared alongside Anna Akana in 'Wrestling Isn't Wrestling' which is a short documentary released in 2015. She had appeared as Shawn Michaels who is one the greatest legend in wrestling She is also known for her appearance in 'Criminal Minds' as a star guest  She has appeared as Laurie in 'Charlie Charlie' which is a famous horror movie in 2017  Ana is on Instagram. Her Instagram id is - anawalczakxo