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Jasmine Waltz Biography, Facts

Jasmine Waltz is an American model, actress and reality TV star who is known for being one of the participant on the thirteenth and also on the nineteenth season of 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2014 and 2017 respectively. 'Celebrity Big Brother' is a very popular British reality show  Image Credit - Jasminewaltz / Instagram  BASIC INFORMATION Name - Jasmine Lynne Waltz Born - 22nd August, 1982  Birth Place - Las Vegas, NV, USA  Zodiac Sign - Leo  Nationality - American Professional Status - Model, Actress, Reality TV Personality TRIVIA  In 2008 Jasmine appeared in "Dirt' in just two episodes which is also her 1st TV show 'Bad Boys 11' is her 1st film which was released in 2003. In 2006 she played a 'Bunny' in the movie 'TV: The Movie' for which her role was credited  She has endorsed popular brands like NoHo Drink, Happy Tea, Soho Skincare Products, Matefit and Yeba Clothing She is currently residing in Miami, Florida, USA Jasmine is on In