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Louie Castro Basic Details

Image Credit - louiecastro / Instagram  BASIC INFORMATION  Full Name - Louie Castro Born - August 18, 1999  Birth Place - USA Nationality - American Zodiac Sign - Leo Profession - Makeup Artist, YouTuber TRIVIA / FACTS  Louie used to sleep as a child on the floor for 13 years before getting into bed He confirmed that he is a gay to his parents in 2015 His younger sister along with himself was chased once by people who were armed with guns He started using cosmetics for the first time such as foundation etc from 2016 Though he is a gay but he has dated lots of girls than other guys He has a YouTube channel titled Louie's Life in which he has posted videos related to lifestyle, travel, Q&A and more. Some of the most popular videos include we broke up, SURPRISING PARENTS WITH A NEW HOME!! | Louie's Life, NEVER having them come over AGAIN!!! | Louie's Life, TRYING ON FUNNY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!! | Louie's Li