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Yvie Oddly Biography, Facts

Yvie Oddly is an American singer, fashion designer, drag queen and artist who is known for being the winner of RuPaul's 'Drag Race' in 2019  Image Credit - oddlyyvie / Instagram  BASIC INFORMATION Name - Jovan Bridges Born - 22nd August, 1993  Birth Place - Denver, Colorado, USA Zodiac Sign - Leo  Nationality - American Professional Status - Singer, Fashion Designer, Drag Queen, Artist TRIVIA Yvie firmly believes in social justice She has served popular drag shows like 'The Vogue Ball' and 'The Odd Hour' as executive producer She is highly inspired by Sharon Needles who is a famous drag queen, actress and musician  She has an older sister named Kayrena Adams  In 2015 she had become a regular cast member of 'Drag Nation' which is a famous stage show  Yvie is on Instagram. Her Instagram id is - oddlyyvie