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Full Name - Lia Wolf

Born - October 22, 1992

Birth Place - England, UK

Currently Residing - Arizona, USA

Age - 27+ As in 2019

Zodiac Sign - Libra

Nationality - English

Sexual Orientation - Straight

Religion - Christianity

Professional Status - Gamer, YouTuber, Entrepreneur

Best Known For - SSSniperWolf is best known for her various interesting contents she uploads regularly on her YouTube Channel 'SSSniperWolf'. She is known for her  gaming videos such as 'Call of Duty' and 'Metal Gear Solid' which gave her a rise immensely. SSSniperWolf uploads contents related to Fashion, Beauty, Ask Wolf   and Daily Whereabout Videos. 


Body Type - Slim

Height - 5 Feet 4 Inches

Weight - 52 Kg Approx

Race / Ethnicity - White

Eye Color - Dark Brown

Hair Color - Black

Specific Features - Lia has High Cheekbones, Fuller Lips along with Narrow Waist. Lia wears a pair of big glasses usually on her YouTube Channel

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FAMILY STATUS :- SSSniperWolf's family details are not known much yet but according to sources SSSniper has three siblings. Two younger brother and one younger sister

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EDUCATIONAL STATUS :- SSSniperWolf finished her basic education from a local community college but she didn't like it that much and found it uneasy. Later She started to attended university to study medicine because of her keen interest in it but eventually gave up after completing her basic education in pharmacy. After that She wished to become a Nurse and started to attend biology classes but she felt that she is not at all satisfied with her career choices and gave up everything to start her own business along with a YouTube Channel which fortunately grew rapidly. 

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CAREER STATUS :- SSSniper's career details are not known much yet . All we know is that She is running her YouTube Channel successfully along with her Business. 


1. Evan Sausage - ( 2013 - Present ) - Lia is currently dating YouTuber Evan Sausage since 2013. They live together in a house which they own.  Evan is from Arizona as well. Evan and Lia met online in 2013.

Image Source - SSSniperWolf / Instagram


1. Channel - Lia is fond of Cartoon Network

2. Person She Loves - Lia loves her mother lots

3. Movie - Lia likes to watch Star War Movies - 'The Force Awakens' and 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

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1. Lia is fond of dogs

2. Lia's mother wanted her to become a Nurse 

3. Lia bought a car at the age of 18. 

4. Lia when 8 years old was given her first console 'Play Station 1'.

5. Lia is a famous world class hula hooper

6. Lia likes to dress up as video game characters often

7. Lia also has another YouTube Channel named 'Little Lia'. She gives advice relating to issues like recipes, crafts, women etc. She has 200k + subscribers. 

8. Lia is very much popular on Instagram with over 3 Million + followers, more than 3 Million + followers on Facebook as well along with 1 Million + Followers on Twitter. Do follow her for more latest updates. 

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