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Azerrz Biography, Body Statistics, Family, Career, Affairs, Favorites, Facts

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Full Name - Arif Zahir 

Born - April 15, 1994

Birth Place - Berkeley, California, USA

Currently Residing - Los Angeles, California, USA

Age - 25+ As in 2019

Zodiac Sign - Aries

Nationality - American

Sexual Orientation - Straight

Professional Status - Singer, Composer, Voice Artist, Actor, Social Media Star

Genre - Alternative / Indie

Instrument - Vocals

Best Known For - Azerrz is best known for the voice role of Black Panther / T'Challa in 'How It Should Have Ended in 2018, Ted in 'Cliffhanger' in 2016 and his role of Xander Holland in the Web Series G.P.A in 2018

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Body Type - Athletic

Height - 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight - 76 Kg Approx

Race / Ethnicity - Black ( Cape Verdean and African American Decent )

Eye Color - Dark Brown

Hair Color - Black

Specific Features - Azerrz has sweet facial features with earrings on his both ears and Afro Haircut


Azerrz's family detail is not known yet 


Azerrz went to Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. Later on Azerrz attended Berkeley City College in Berkeley, California. After that Azerrz pursued a degree in film and TV Acting at the Studio School in Los Angeles

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1. First Web Show - 'Internet Rich' in 2019 in the episode titled 'Azerrz' as himself. 'Internet Rich' is a Snapchat Series

2. First TV Show - 'G.P.A' in 2018 as Xander Holland. He appeared in a comedy mini series in an episode titled 'The Team'

3. As a Singer - 'Drunk With You' in May 2018 alongside rapper / singer Joe Thomas  Carter. Both of them again collaborated for the song 'Gimme Ya Lovin' in May 2019

Image Source - Azerrz / Twitter


Azerrz's love life detail is not known yet 


1. Food - He is fond of Pizza

2. Video Game - He loves to play Uncharted 2 ( 2009 )

3. Activity - He likes to watch movies in Theatres

4. Song - Look out for Detox ( 2010 )

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1. Azerrz's nick names are Reefy, Yoltz Arif, Arif Lopes, 4rif

2. In the beginning Azerrz's YouTube channel's name was HeyltzAzerrz

3. In April 2019 he took a picture in the background with Justin Bieber when he had attended the Coachella Festival 

4. Azerrz made his first web show appearance as a voice artist as Ted in the YouTube Series 'Cliffhanger' in 2016 in the episode titled Kwaadaardige Teddybeer

5. To edit his videos, Azerrz uses Apple's Final Cut X Software

6. In May 2015 Azerrz was very much nervous when he revealed his face for the first time 

7. Though Azerrz's parents think that being a YouTuber is an unconventional job yet they both support him wholeheartedly

8. Azerrz will choose Burritos over Tacos anytime

9. Harry Potter's British accent played by Daniel Radcliffe in the movies was Azerrz's first ever voice imitation

10. After uploading a video titled 'Ted Plays Call of Duty' his channel started to gain immense popularity and reached 100k subscribers in within a week from 80k subscribers

11. Azerrz is very much active on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and SoundCloud. He has 5 million+ subscribers on YouTube, 20k+ subscribers on Twitter and 200k+ Subscribers on Instagram. Do follow him for more latest updates

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