Jordanna Tanna Biography, Body Statistics, Facts

Jordanna Tanna is a German Model, Artist and Social Media Personality who is famously known for her stunning and flawless beauty. She is also known for being immensely popular on social media platforms 

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Name - Jordanna Tanna 

Born - 2006 

Birth Place - North Rhine - Westphalia, Germany

Age - 15

Nationality - German 

Zodiac Sign - Not Known Yet 

Professional Status - Model, Artist and Social Media Personality

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Body Type - Slim 

Height - 5 Feet 1 Inch

Weight - 42 Kg Approx 

Race / Ethnicity - White 

Eye Color - Blue 

Hair Color - Blonde 


Her family detail is not known yet 


Her educational detail is not known much yet but as per sources she is completing her basic education 

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She is focussing on her modeling career. She has appeared on several popular magazines 


Her love life detail is not known yet 


She is passionate about fashion and modeling 


1. Tanna has a positive attitude towards everything she does in her life 

2. She is an incredible Artist. You can check out her Instagram page - jordannas3dart  for her awesome artistic work 

3. She is active on TikTok 

4. She is also very much active and popular on Instagram. Her Instagram id is - jordannatanna - Do follow her for more latest updates 

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