Sarah Michelle Gellar Biography, Facts

Sarah Michelle Gellar is an American actress, entrepreneur, producer and voiceover artist who is known for her incredible role in the movie series 'The Grudge' as Kare Davis 

Image Credit - sarahmgellar / Instagram 

Sarah was born on the 14th of April, 1977 in Long Island, New York, USA 

She is also known for her role in the film series 'Scooby-Doo' as Daphne Blake 

She is good in Juggling

She has earned the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do black belt 

'King of the Hill' is her 1st TV show as a voice artist for the episode 'And They Call It Bobby Love' in which she rendered her voice to the character named Marie in September, 1998. 'King of the Hill' is a animated series 

In 1998 she rendered her voice in 'Small Soldiers' to the character named Gwendy Doll. It's a science fiction movie 

She had won the 'Legendary Lip Lock' Award for 'Cruel Intentions' for the popular kiss alongwith Selma Blair at the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time' in December 2020 

She appeared in 'Spenser: For Hire' in which she played the role of Emily in 1988. It's her 1st TV show

She is also known for winning the 'SFX Award for 'Best Television Actress', Kid's Choice Award for 'Favourite Female Butt Kicker' and Choice Award for 'Choice TV Actress' for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in which she played Buffy Summers from 1997 to 2003 

'Over the Brooklyn Bridge' is her 1st movie. The film was released in 1984

Her height is 5 feet 4 inches 

She has endorsed popular brands such as Maybelline Cosmetics and Lee Jeans 

She is currently residing in Los Angeles, California, USA 

She has appeared in several shows and movies such as Veronika Decides to Die, Swans Crossing, Southland Tales, The Crazy Ones, King of the Hill, The Air I Breathe and I Known What You Did Last Summer

Sarah is very much popular on Instagram. Her Instagram id is - sarahmgellar 


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