Bonnie Hoellein Basic Details

Bonnie Hoellein is a popular American YouTuber and social media personality who is known for her self-titled YouTube channel in which she has posted videos related to lifestyle, fashion, family-oriented, beauty and more

Image Credit - bonniehoellein / Instagram 

Bonnie was born on the 27th of November, 1985 in Utah, USA

Her birth name is Bonnie Griffiths 

Some of the most popular videos on her channel includes Hey Jimmy Kimmel I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy, Testing Out New Theatre Chairs, A Lemon Squeezer for Mother's Day!! Mothers Day 2023, Baptisms & Goodbyes, Telling Aunt Bonnie NO!!!, Aunt Momma is Babysitting for the next 6 days!, Permanent Jewelry - Girls Day Out, Road Trip with Julie!, Baby Blessing for Baby June, How Lincoln Lost His Pinky, Meeting Ellies New Baby and Saying Goodbye to our Home - Empty House Tour

She started her channel on the 26th of March, 2013 

Her zodiac sign is sagittarius

She is the co-owner of Bollie Brand which deals with loungewear. Visit the Instagram page - bolliebrand or for more details

Bonnie is very much popular on Instagram. Her official Instagram id is - bonniehoellein 


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